Let Me Intern (LMI) offers companies an online platform to advertise their placement vacancies to students and actively manage CV applications all on one portal.


LMI pairs social media with a job board facility offering employers the flexibility to screen prospective interns easily and view a pool of candidate profiles that they deem suitable for their roles.


This website offers the opportunity to take control and reduce the overwhelming amount of CV applications received through emails to various different contacts within your business. Manage all of your placements actively through LMI.


Sign up for an account today and see how this easy to use service can help organise your applications and improve your intern search.



  • Given the UK’s current job market and excess of graduates in the market for full time employment, Internships can be very beneficial to employers looking to gain loyal and dependable staff:
  • Interns that have been given the opportunity to come into industry before graduating are extremely grateful for the opportunity and are often more determined to work harder to impress their employers and showcase their skills.
  • They are also more eager to take in information and often have less opinionated methods towards work than graduates that have already taken up vocation in other industries prior to working.
  • Interns can be seen to offer significantly cheaper labour, often only being paid to cover their living expenses on a minimal cost for the extent of labour provided to the employer.
  • Through internships, employers have a limited time, which is substantial enough to get to know the intern and decide whether or not they will fit into the working environment without the commitment of a full time position, which means that employers often are able to find the most compatible workers to compliment their workforce through internships.